The Wonderful World of Barcardi

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by CarolinaPanthers1983 on December 26, 2008

I went to this factory with my wife for the first time(for my wife, it was her second time). I was excited and thrilled to visit this place. At first when we heard that it was going to be an arm and a leg to get to the Bacardi Rum Factory, I was going to not go. Then, I was told how to get there cheaply by one of the receptionist at the El Canario Inn. All we had to do was take the bus, which was FREE to take. The bus will take you to the San Juan port. Once at the port, you find a tugboat to take you, which was also FREE to take. You get on the tugboat and enjoy the ride to get on the other side of San Juan. The only transportation you pay for is a taxi ride to get there, which was only $3 per person. My wife and I finally arrived there. Once inside, my wife and I got two tickets, which we would use to get FREE drinks. I got a delicious mojito and a fruity drink that had Bacardi Lemon. My wife, on the other hand, got two cokes because she was pregnant with our child. We finally got to do the tour to check out the museum. When we got inside, you get a tour guide to explain the origins of Barcardi Rum. You are allow to take pictures at the beginning, but once you go inside the main museum, you can't take ANY PICTURES because it is top-secret information as well as copyright laws- that's how the tour guides explained it. I was quite surprised at the tour. I have to say that you learn a lot about Barcardi and it's origins, such as the fact that they use sex to sell their product as well as where they get their symbol of the bat. I don't want to give too much information about the tour because I think everyone who goes to Puerto Rico should at least experience The Barcardi Rum Factory at least once. Although it is a place that makes alcohol for people over 21, I think anyone can visit and have a great time. The scenery is very beautiful with palm trees and well-mowed laws right next to the beautiful Caribbean Sea. If you are STILL reading this, then what are you waiting for, GO SEE THE FACTORY.
Bacardí Rum Distillery
Bay View Industrial Park Route 165, Km. 2.6
Catano, Puerto Rico, 00962
(787) 788-8400

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