Wear Comfortable Shoes! Because It's a Must See

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by manlalakbay on December 16, 2008

It's crazy to wear new shoes when going to a museum! Something I learned when I entered the Uffizi museum. The main attraction of the place was the Botticeli paintings of "The Birth of Venus" and "Spring."

But once again the museum boasts of the many talented Italian artists of the Renaissance and Medieval periods. The corridors to the galleries were also lined with different marble sculptures depicting Roman gods, mythical figures and religious characters.

The experience of going through the entire museum was actually quite overwhelming. With three floors of artworks, the ten euros entrance fee we paid for was definitely worth it. Especially when we finally got to the renowned Boticelli paintings.

It was about two and half wingspan in width. Venus stood there right in front of me, in full glory and beauty. The three muses danced as spring came. It was just absolutely stunning and unbelievable to see these masterpieces right in front of me. I had to stare at the paintings for a while, trying to absorb every detail possible. Unfortunately, taking photographs are not allowed so I had to store it all in my brain.

There were many other great paintings as well, but it was only Caravaggio that I remembered. The sheer number of artwork with recurring themes and different artists, when trying to be remembered meld into each other already. But I can remember the sheer awe I felt looking at those I found most interesting. There was so much passion and artistry etched on canvas!

It was funny because we kept looking for the Caravaggio angels since there were postcards and novelty items posted in the museum shop, but apparently it was not in this museum. However, it was still interesting to see the softness of Caravaggio's painting as depicted in "Bacchus." Unlike the masculine and rough depictions in other paintings, Caravaggio's Bachus tended to be more androgenous, bordering on feminine.

All in all, it is definitely worth your money and time if you like art. Make sure you come early so you can relish the paintings that catch your attention. Because there are just absolutely plenty!
Uffizi Gallery
Piazzale Degli Uffizi, 6
Florence, Italy, 50122
+39 05523885


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