St. Peter's

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Lindy27 on December 12, 2008

On our second day in Rome we visited St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Even though I am not Catholic I recommend these to anybody visiting Rome. The Basilica is absolutely gorgeous and huge. We got there around 6am and had the whole square to ourselves and it was very peaceful. We then got to have mass in the basement of St. Peters in a small chapel, because somebody in the group knew a priest there.

We then went on to the Vatican Museums with a tour guide, while the tour guide was nice they just take you to the most visited areas. I would recommend if you take a tour guide go back in after it is over and see some of the works that are off the beaten track. When doing this get an audio guide if you want to know more information about what you are looking at. I found the Sistene Chapel to be overrated and was not my favorite thing in the museums.
St. Peter's Basilica
Piazza San Pietro
Vatican City, Rome, 00193
+39 0669883462

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