No Shooting Hoops Here!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by fizzytom on October 20, 2008

Maribor seems to be the city of a million bars. But what is good is that no two are the same; it seems most owners really take a pride in what their premises look like with some having quirky themes, others having striking colour schemes. What is common to them all is that they are different to the last one you went in.

Bar Urska is no exception. I don't know for sure but I'm guessing from the memorabilia on the walls that this cafe bar is owned by a former basketball player. I don't know much about basketball, especially Slovenian leagues but I do know that it's a very popular game there.

This cafe has a couple of outside tables though Partizanska is a busy main road right through the centre of the city and i'd say you'd only go out there briefly for a cigarette rather than enjoy sitting out there on sunny days.

The interior is simple and fresh with lovely peachy-orange upholstery that gives a modern feel. You can sit on raised booths or on lower tables on the main floor area.

As this is a cafe bar all drinks are served - hot and cold. The coffee is very good and is always thoughtfully presented with a little flower depicted in cocoa on the top of the milk. A small selection of sandwiches are usually available in a glass display cabinet at the counter.

Bar Urska is open Monday to Saturday from early until around 9.00pm. I've had to list it here unde nightlife although strictly speaking it's a conventional Slovenian cafe bar. A mixed crowd come here from old ladies stopping for a break during shopping to young people having a drink before going on elsewhere.

I do like Bar Urska; the staff are friendly and the prices are reasonable with a glass of red wine at 0.90 Euro and a large union beer coming in at 1 Euro 80. However there's nothing out of the ordinary, it's just another of Maribor's quirky little places to try. If you are into basketball this might have a special appeal for you, if not you are sure to enjoy the laid back atmosphere.
Bar Urska
Partizanska cesta 17

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