Restaurant Week: Onesixtyblue

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by ifor_gal on September 25, 2008

The last time I went to Onesixtyblue my boyfriend at the time and I ended up spending $175. It was definitely worth every penny, so I was excited to see what they had in store for us here. I met up with two old co-workers and we started out at the bar to have a glass of wine. We were seated and the waiter went through the restaurant week menu and offered us the house specialty: baked goat cheese while we looked through the menu to make our decisions. We went ahead and ordered it and spent some time catching up instead of looking at the menu! Our server was more than gracious and came back a third time to take our order.

1st course: Two of us ordered the parmesen gnocchi. A good sized portion, absolutely delish! The other had the leek soup which was thick and smelled really good because of the truffle oil in it.

2nd course: I had the pork tenderloin with sweet potato, red cabbage confit, and some berry sauce. The pork belly looked daunting at first but was so amazing with the red cabbage. My friend who's a vegeterian had the fettecine. It didn't look that great, but she said it was good and it definitely was a large platter! She took most of it home.

3rd course: For dessert I had the coconut crunch - an wonderfully light dessert and perfect ending to a perfect eveing.

Total w/ one glass of wine, goat cheese app, tax + tip: $66

When you're not there for restaurant week, you could easily spend $100/person. But don't let the regular menu price tag hold you back. Every first Monday of the month gather your friends up and head over to flight night. For $35 you can sample 6 small bites and 6 tasting portions of wine. The sessions run for one hour, but you need to make your reservation ahead of time. Another wonderful option is BYOB night on the last Friday on every month. Bring in a nice bottle you've been saving for a nice dinner and the chef will prepare a special 3-course menu around your wine varietal. All for $65 and no corkage fee!
One Sixty Blue
1400 West Randolph St.
Chicago, Illinois, 60607
(312) 850-0303

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