It's Now a "Turn and Burn" Restaurant, Eat Elsewhere

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by SueChef on August 19, 2008

Todd English is a total hack and sellout. At least when Wolfgang Puck does it, his food is decent. Olives is so past it's prime and making money just because it was once (a long time ago) a good place to eat. I won't bore you with all the details but will try to give you valid reasons not to eat here. I've cook for a living and started at steak houses and worked up to 5-diamond restaurants so I know a little something about food.
-This place serves poor quality, badly executed food. The pasta dishes were the worst I've had in Vegas. I was really disappointed. Pasta is the easiest, cheapest item to prepare well. They should know this.
-They pack the tables in so tight that you have little eating room, you're right on top of the diner next to you. It's really dark in there so you can't see how mushy the pasta is, or how your sauce is broken or how there's no real knife skills used in preparing your dish. You can't read the menu either, bring a flashlight.
-It's loud, bad acoustics and you can't hear your partner across the table. If you don't get a coveted table outside, you have nothing to look at. The main light source is from the mall outside which is packed with shoppers running back and forth.
-Olives has the smallest dining patio at the Bellagio which means there are only about 6 tables outside. They frown upon you going outside to watch the fountain show. Go to the Fontana Bar to watch the fountains, it only has a one drink minimum and a better view.
-The waitstaff is not fine-dining trained. They couldn't get a job at a top restaurant so you're getting the outcasts. They try to con you into thinking Olives is exclusive. They are bad salesmen and there is nothing genuine about any of the staff from the aloof hostess to the surly bartender.
-They should rename the restaurant "Eat and Get the Hell Out". The kitchen must have plates of food pre-prepared in the kitchen because our food came out before our drinks did. For those of you who don't know this.....getting your food too quickly means that it was made before you got there and is either wilting or overcooking under a heat lamp. They rush you in and out of there so they can fill the place back up again and con some more saps our of their hard earned dollars.
-Your dining dollars could go so much further at other restaurants. Feel free to email me and I will be glad to give you some recommendations or to dog out Todd English some more. He's a disgrace to the profession allowing his name to be used at a restaurant that is so bad.

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