Only Worth It If for Less Than $100 a Night

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by SueChef on August 19, 2008

Yeah, so you're thinking that I must be some stuck up person griping about $100 a night at the Venetian. It's not the money, it's the other sutff that seriously bothered me.
Recently, the Venetian offered a deal where you pay the temperature of the day (in advance). This is to book the hotel in off months. But the offer stated that you get one of the new rooms and for $20 more, you can upgrade to a Bella suite. I figured that I could do this once I saw what kind of room I got when I checked in. Once the front desk clerk saw my room rate, he turned into a real jerk. He tried to con me into paying an additional $40 a night for a better view. He gave me a room with a crappy view. I complained to the MOD and got a slightly better room on the same (4th) floor. I should've upgraded online, you pay twice as much in person. They nickel and dime you to death.

Good points: Big room, slightly modern comfortable furniture. Big bathroom, good toiletries, nice slippers, vanity stool is a plus. DVD player, Automatic draperies. Good a/c system. Good access to 24 hr food and market goods. Convenient to shops. Good gym and spa facility. Responsive maintenance and housekeeping when called.

Not-so-good: Lighting is bad, room looks dark. Cabinets, no dresser drawers, hard to see and grab your clothes. No Ipod, just CD alarm. Cheap hairdryer. Crappy showerhead. average tubs. Dirty carpet. Horrible valet and parking. Super slow check-in. No personal service. Long walk to elevator. Over the top with all the cheesey Italian decor, performers and overall style.

You have to maneuver around the casino floor to get to everything. Parking is the worst on the strip. You'll wait forever to retrieve your car. Getting a cab isn't too easy either. The gym is $30 a day. It has a climbing wall but that costs extra. The locker rooms are nice and offer a ton of toiletries, robes, slippers, hot tub, sauna and steam room. Pay the money if you have to check out at 11am but your flight is later in the day. It'll give you a place to relax, shower, change and fix you hair.
The rooms are supposed to be recently refurbished but they are doing one item at a time. We had some issues and ended up getting a new lamp and a cordless phone, which eventually will end in all the rooms. The sheets are scratchy, not soft. Room service sucks, go to the 24hr Grand Lux Cafe for late nite eating. Bouchon and Morels are the best of all the restaurants. (See my other reviews on restaurants).
The pool is crowded on weekends. The Palazzo pool is in the shade early in the day and for families. Best advice, get to the pool early and make sure to ask for a chair cover. Good landscaping, decent chairs, nice bar. Tao Beach is for the young, rich, sleazy, decadent and good looking. If you're not hot, you better be rich. Daybeds (not cabanas) require a resv and a $450 bar tab minimum on weekends. There's a major construction project over your head with a big banner to try and hide it. The pool is tiny and has a tanning oil slick on top. But if you're at Tao Beach, you ain't there to cool off.

Overall, I got a deal for the caliber of hotel the Venetian is. But if I had paid any more, I would have felt ripped off. I'll opt for the Palazzo or Palms Place next time even at twice the price.

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