Bosman Review

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Jennifer Currie on August 10, 2008

Besides its location there's nothing that will bring us back to this hotel. I know you get what you paid for and I've learnt that lesson the hard way. I expected an old hotel but not the threadbare sheets and paper thin towels or the disgusting stained carpets in the halls and stairwell. Actually our sheets had holes in them. The first night we were on the 1st floor in the front of the building. If you turned the air cond. on full everything shortened out. When my husband went to the front desk he was shown where the power box was. You couldn't open the curtains as there is no filter nets to protect you from the walkway. We asked to be moved which did happen and I'm grateful for but if I hadn't prepaid we would have packed up and moved on. Although some staff were better than others it is obvious these guys have heard it all before so are very non reactive to complaints. The owner of this place needs to wake up to him or herself. Obviously the hotel used to be a nice place to stay and it is busy but I wonder how much repeat business they get. Come on Mr Bosman clean up your act!
Bosmans Hotel
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6Z1P5

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