Day Trip to El Yunque - Rainforest

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jiggs1219 on July 30, 2008

This was my first time in a rainforest and it was a wonderful experience. The are many trails here, from beginners (20 mins long) to expert (2 hours long) so you can pick the one which you are comfortable with. A lot of these trails lead you down to waterfalls which makes it more or less adventureous. I did the trail down to the La Mina waterfall, which was a pretty good hike - Took 30 mins each way and had lots of scenary along the way. A lot of the waterfalls in the El Yunque are at most 50 feet so if you are looking for some thing equivalent to Niagara falls then I suggest you prepare your heart to be broken. These waterfalls usually have water outlets where you can swim so it can be very soothing to take a dip after you are all sweaty and itchy from trails. You cannot see a lot of the wildlife here if you stick to the trails but you can hear them. I wish I had more time to do other trails and if I do return to PR then I would definitely pay a second visit here. So this is definitely one of the main attractions that you should consider when visiting PR especially if you are into scenary and hiking.

Advice - There are a lot of insects here so use some kind of insect repellant. Also wear comfortable shoes as its a lot of walking and sometimes the trails can get slippery. If you do want to take a dip in the waterfalls then take your swim wear with you.
El Yunque National Forest
Road 191, Off Highway 3 To Luquillo Beach
Palmer, Puerto Rico, 00721
(787) 888-1880

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