The Grand Palace - Wow!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by bettybetty10 on July 8, 2008

This is a must see tourist attraction in Bangkok. Despite the crowds of people and tour buses, it really took my breath away when I walked in. All the monuments, statues, and architecture were very well kept and displayed in vibrant colors – gold and oranges. The sheer size of the monuments was extremely impressive.

It can take a couple of hours to walk around the Palace and see all the intricate details in the architecture, as well as dodge the tour groups! There is a huge mural that documents life during the time which the palace was constructed. There are lots of deities and other Buddha like relics on display (and are great photo ops!). It’s also interesting to see the visiting monks look at everything and take photos.

It does get very warm, so make sure you bring water, as it is not sold inside the palace. They do sell cold towels for 15 baht, which are totally worth it. The dress code is conservative – you must wear pants and a shirt with sleeves. You can purchase a sarong or long pants outside the temple from any of the souvenir stands (lots of hustlers trying to make a buck!!). The entrance fee is 250 baht/person.
Grand Palace
Na Phra Lan Road Ko Rattanakosin District
Bangkok, Thailand, 10500
+66 (2) 694 1222

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