Restaurante Acqua

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by IMSAustin on May 29, 2008

Looking for Greek fare in Panama? Check out Acqua!

Acqua is located in the Amador Causeway, the trio of man-made islands that stretch into the bay. The area caters more to tourists, but don't let that dissuade you from sampling the eateries.

Acqua offers a surprising array of Mediterranean and Panamanian dishes, including paella, local fish, and pasta. My wife and I had brocheta de pollo (chicken and vegetable kebabs) and reina sofia (feta-stuffed chicken) for $15, not including tax and tip. Local brews are also $2 and are generally very light ambers. Although we weren't blown away by our meals, they were still very tasty and filling.

The restaurant itself offers indoor and outdoor seating. In the outdoor sections, you can view the attractive Causeway and sample the open air. The entrance to Acqua is on the ground floor and you must walk up a flight of stairs tucked inside a stairway lined with purple neon--in fact, the entry left us wondering if it formerly lived as a nightclub. However, the decor gives way to pale blues and soft whites, reminiscent of the domes of Santorini.

Our fellow guests appeared to be composed mainly of locals, who finished their meal with about fifteen minutes of dancing to tunes blasting from the restaurant's speaker system. Fortunately for our ears, the staff turned down the music when the party was over. It's not exactly Puerto Rico, but it was the only time we witnessed spontaneous dancing.

I can't give this a high recommendation because the Causeway is somewhat out of the way and the food wasn't stellar. But I was nevertheless satisfied with it and the portions were ample. Please note that the dress is casual, which means (in Panama) something more than shorts and a T-shirt. Also, as is the case with most restaurants in Panama City, you'll probably have to ask for the bill (la cuenta). But don't let that worry you; just enjoy your time!
Restaurante Acqua
Brisas de Amador (Amador Causeway), Isla Perico
Panama City
+507 314-3356

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