Overall Good Stay

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by atlusa on June 25, 2008

On business in Pune I stayed here for 10 nights. The hotel is very majestic from the outside and continues to have that feel as you are greeted and enter the lobby. But once you get to your room you realize you are still staying in hotel. I had a Royal Club room and it was nice but not great, better than average to be fair.
The staff is excellent.
The restuarants in the hotel are good and one tries to keep a variety of food available for the westerners.
Their is a night Club in the hotel and that is my biggest complaint, when the club is open, the music can be heard in a majority of the building. It was pretty irritating to me and ran pretty late into the night. I was on the 6th floor and could hear it in my room, club is on ground level.
The Pune train station is across the street and there is some noise generated from there but I found that less distracting than the bump of the club music and if you aren't on the street side of the Meridian you probably can't hear it at all.
Prices inside the hotel are not based on the Indian economy a 12oz bottle of soda in the mini-bar is about 2.50 USD, it would cost less than 1.00 USD on the street.
If you plan on venturing out don't plan on walking, it isn't very close to anything and sidewalks aren't the areas strong suite.
Overall it is still the nicest place in Pune to stay according to everyone I know who travels there and will most likely be where I stay when I return later this year.
Scale of 1 to 10 -- 6.5
Le Meridien Pune
Pune, India


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