Chapel of the Bells

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by notso62 on June 12, 2008

How to choose a wedding venue amidst all of these Vegas options you ask? All the hotel options seemed either too cheesy or too ritzy for me, and Elvis Presley was vetoed by my fiancé. That left us with about a billion chapels to choose from, so I started to eliminate options by crossing off the chapels that begat unfortunate celebrity marriages. "The Chapel of the Bells" was listed in the top ten wedding chapels on citysearch, and I decided that Kelly Ripa and Earnest Borgnine were alright celebrities to follow.

The $380 package I reserved at this chapel included limo transportation to the courthouse before our wedding and to and from the chapel for the ceremony. It also included a bridal bouquet, groom boutonnière, use of venue that seats 20 people for the ceremony, 10 photographic poses, and a DVD. The marriage license fee and tips for the limo driver and minister were not included in the $380 and ended up being an additional $150.

The staff at The Chapel of the Bells did stress us out slightly before our actual wedding ceremony. My husband had called them a week before to arrange transportation and asked if it was okay for us to store our bags in the limo’s trunk while we were in between two hotels. They indicated at the time that it wouldn’t be a problem, but the night before our wedding they called with concerns that the bags might not fit in the limo trunk. Yipes! It turned out to be okay in the end, but it was one of those situations that made the wedding day more stressful.

Once the chapel’s limo picked us up at Treasure Island to bring us to the courthouse, it seemed like everything went smoothly from that point on. The limo driver gave us some paperwork to fill out on the ride over. Upon arrival at the courthouse, he guided us to the marriage clerk’s office, and then back to the car once we had our license in-hand.

Back at the chapel, we were greeted by our waiting families and the chapel’s wedding coordinator. She was a very nice person who told us exactly where to go and what to do. The decorations were slightly tacky in the chapel (a plastic electric candelabra, fake flowers, etc.), but the whole place had an endearing quality that is hard to explain. The minister started after a few minutes of prep by the coordinator and we were married a brief 4 minutes later.

The chapel’s photography services were a little on the cheesy side, but were so brief that I was not too annoyed by them. A few minutes later, the wedding coordinator handed me a roll of film and our DVD and we were on our way.

My overall experience at the Chapel of the Bells was a good one, so I would definitely recommend this venue if you’re looking for the kitschy Vegas wedding chapel of your dreams.
Chapel of the Bells
2233 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89104
+1 702 735 6803; +1

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