Holocaust Memorial in Miami

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by Dutchnatasja on June 12, 2008

It’s not the first ‘must do’ activity you’ll think of, but when you are in Miami you should bring a visit to the Holocaust Monument. It was a very moving experience. Especially the bronze figures around the sculpture of ‘Love and Anguish’. The emotions captured on the faces of the sculptures are incredible. The impact of the Holocaust can not be translated in stone and bronze, but the creation of this monument was very impressive. The sculpture of Love and Anguish is a arm with bronze figures of people climbing the arm. The emotions captured on the bronze faces; it makes you sad. Every face is a ‘story telling face’. I was fascinated by the bronze figures, called the ‘Series of Vignettes’. These sculptures are so real looking that I felt sad to look at them.

The ‘Lonely Path’ is a tunnel that leads you to the sculpture of Love and Anguish. When you walk trhough the tunnel you’ll hear children singing songs of the Holocaust. When you walk down the tunnel, the music gets louder. It gets to you, really, it does!! At the end of the tunnel is a sculpture; it’s a crying child reaching a hand to you. Help me, help us………

We walked around by ourselves, but guided tours are available upon request.

This is one of the best Holocaust Memorial I have ever seen and made a great impression on me. The power and impact of this monument is amazing. This place is the opposite of the lively Miami, but it’s still a part of our history and we must never forget!!

1945 Meridian Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139-1817

Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach
1933-1945 Meridian Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida, 33139
+1 305 538 1663


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