Loved It!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ElizabethTribble on June 9, 2008

We didn't really want to see a show this trip but some friends of our who recently moved here really wanted us to go with them (and they bought us tickets) so we went. It had been a little over a year since I had been to either of the shows at this theater and I was pleasantly surprised by the changes - everything was totally different and I loved every minute of it! Good Vibrations was a lot of fun. I actually loved the old commercials and video clips they play before the show - my husband and I were quizzing each other. I knew and loved most of the songs (the 80s weren't really my time period but I knew some of those songs b/c of my kids). The show didn't seem long at all so maybe that is one of the changes they made since last year? It seemed like it was over in no time. We had so much fun that we are going back this fall and this time WE are buying the tickets and treating my friends! We also got a deal on tickets to The Carolina Opry since we had bought tickets for the other show and it was every bit as good. I had no idea how much fun that was - it was just so exciting with all of the music and lights and dancing. Really a quality show. We also went to the "one" show because my friends got some free tickets and we were a little disappointed by that one. It is the same style as The Carolina Opry show but just not as good and way too long and a little boring. The comedian was really funny but if my friends hadn't given me the tickets I would have left at intermission. It was pretty good for free tickets but I don't think i will be buying any in the fall! I recommend Calvin Gilmore's stuff!
Carolina Opry
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