St. Peters Basilica

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St. Peters Basilica

You must visit St. Peters. I would advise that you visit it after having been to the Vatican museums but do pay it a trip. It is beautiful. We didn’t spend long here but it is worth seeing.

The Piazza San Pietro is a perfect circle with 4 entrances. If you walk from the Vatican museums you will with the Basilica on your left. The history behind the Basilica is that a small shrine to Saint Peter existed here and the church building that surrounds it was added in 349 AD. It was later restored and enlarged making it the largest in the world. Michelangelo designed the Dome but died before it was completed. The St. Peter's basilica was dedicated by pope Urban VIII in 1626. Ever since, this church has been the centre of Christianity, drawing pilgrims from all over the world.

The building is incredibly impressive, particularly the Dome. It can be visited for free daily but there is a strict dress code. The Dome can also be visited. It is not free and the price varies on whether you take the stairs or the lift.

Also look out for the Swiss guards who guard the entrances.

If you have time it may be worth taking a postcard or letter to send as there is post office here and you can send letters with the official mark of the Vatican.
St. Peter's Basilica
Piazza San Pietro
Vatican City, Rome, 00193
+39 0669883462

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