Tulum Ruins

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Tulum Ruins is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. It rests on top of a bluff, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It’s all about location, location, location. It’s perfect for keeping an eye out for your enemies who arrived by boat.

Tulum means wall....and for good reason...it’s surrounded by a huge wall.

If you come on your own, I mean not with a tour group on a bus, when you arrive at the ruins you park in the main parking lot and you have to hoof it about a KM (15-20 minutes) to the actual ruins. There is a shuttle tractor that will take you for $2. It may be advantageous for you to use the shuttle as it gets really freakin’ HOT out here. We walked to the ruins, then took the shuttle back.

There is a huge visitors’ center with bathrooms, gift shops and restaurants, where the parking lot is. Make sure you take LOTS of water with you because there is nothing out at the site. I suggest taking an umbrella to shield you from the suns hot rays. I live in Arizona where it gets up to 120 in the summer…but this was HOT sun!

Join in with a group, so you can hear all the history about this wonderful place. It just isn't the same without a tour guide. Don’t try to walk the grounds on your own, you really need a guide to learn all the history and what each of the buildings represents. You’ll also learn how common phrases such as, ‘Some heads are gonna roll’, originated.
The Mayan were small people...you can see the doorways are only about 4 feet high.
We saw many iguanas....which I love. I wanted to take a couple home with me.

Tulum is considerably smaller that Chichen Itza, but it has a wonderful beach, to cool you off after baking in the sun for an hour. You also cannot climb on any of the buildings here.

The beach is the best part of this experience. And what a beautiful beach it is. There is a long, steep, wooden staircase leading to the beach from the ruins and it's not for the faint of heart. Once on the beach, the water is crystal clear, for miles.

Like I said, it’s extremely important to take plenty of water with you as well as sunscreen, sunglasses and a floppy, beach hat or an umbrella. The sun here is incredibly strong and you don’t want to spend the rest of your vacation, sunburned.

The cost to get onto the grounds is $4.00 everyday but Sunday, which is free. There is also a $4.00 fee to bring in a video camera. The park is open from 8am to 5pm and the tour buses start arriving around 930am.
Tulum Mayan Ruins

Tulum, Mexico


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