Theodore Too, Big Harbour Tours

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This is the Theodore Tugboat made famous in the popular children's television programs. On view and doing tours during the summer, find Theodore Too next to Murphy's on the Water and the Ferry Terminal on Lower Water Street. You can hire him for private tours and also for cruise ship meetings and greetings. He was built in nearby Lunnenberg Nova Scotia and weighs in at 105 tons.

Telephone: (902) 492-TUGS

There are family plans for tours as well as single ticket prices. Near to Theodore Too is his own store that sells Big Harbour tour tickets and Theodore Tugboat books and merchandise.

Serious grandparent alert!

The real working tug boats of Halifax Harbour (known as the Big Harbour to Theodore Tugboat fans) sport Theodore Too's color scheme and have their own dock nearby.

I enjoy Theodore Tugboat's television programs, his books and most of all seeing him on the waters of the Big Harbour. Thanks Theodore. Your smile always makes us feel so good.
Theodore Tugboat/Big Harbour Tours
1751 Lower Water Street
902 492-8847

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