Cafe Fina

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Big bear, Little penguin on June 3, 2008

RESERVATION/ WAIT: We were seated promptly. We went during lunch time and they weren't busy. We were seated close to the window and enjoyed the view of the ocean and the beautiful houses. After few minutes, it was only us eating in the restaurant.

APPETIZER: Deep Fried Monterey Calamari (breaded and served with cocktail and tartar sauce)
Both reviews: Yummy, yummy on our tummy! We wanted some more. The calamari tasted good with either sauce.

He ordered: Pepperoni Pizza (8"). Pepperoni wasn't on the menu but the staff gladly made it for him.
Both reviews: Yummy, yummy on my tummy!

She ordered: Tilapia with shredded almond.
Both: Never again. I squeezed the lemon slice on top of the fish and I think the sour taste of the lemon was what made me not like the dish. Hmm, actually I probably wouldn't like it even if I skipped the lemon. I mostly ate the puffed rice.

His: Raspberry Cheesecake
Both: Yummy, yummy on my tummy!

Hers: Cannoli
Both: Oooh. I want some more only if the shell wasn't too hard to bite on.

AMBIENCE: From outside we thought it was a small place but when we got inside, there was actually more room. I think they have a 2nd floor.

SERVICE: The waitress was very nice and accommodating. During our lunch, the owner was also having lunch with her child. They greeted us out when we left the place.

PRICE: $70 plus tax plus tip

OVERALL (ARE WE GOING BACK?): Only when we're craving for the pizza and the Raspberry cheesecake. Check out our posted pics.

1 dot - Never again.
2 dots - Only when I'm really hungry.
3 dots - It was good but I'll try something else next time.
4 dots - Oooh. I want some more but I'm full!
5 dots - Yummy, yummy on my tummy!
Cafe Fina
47 Fisherman's Wharf
Monterey, California, 93940
(831) 372-5200

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