Space Needle

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by txag_girl on May 25, 2008

A trip to the Space needle isnt something to plan your day around, but definately a sight to take in while you are in Seattle city center. We did not take the ride up the tower, it was completely overpriced in my opinion, considering we saved the $20 per head and put it towards a sea-plane ticket for much better views. There are "locally" known places throughout the city that offer exceptional views of the city for free, I would take the time to ask a local. But as you meander through the city the needle is there looking down on you, so take it in at least check it out while you are there, it is a beautiful piece of art in itself and it screams SEATTLE!!!!
Space Needle
400 Broad Street (seattle Center)
Seattle, Washington, 98109
(206) 905-2111

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