Old North Church

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One of the most famous things about the Old North Church is the hanging of the two lanterns back in 1775. The two lanterns informed the patriots in Charlestown that the Brits were leaving Boston by water. (“One if by land, two if by sea.”) On April 18, 1775 Robert Newman sneaked into the empty church to hang two lanterns in the church's belfry. Paul Revere had already left for his famous ride to warn the patriot leaders in the area; the two lanterns were lit in case he was intercepted by the British and prevented from delivering his message. It is also Boston’s oldest surviving church building. I think it’s interesting to see the pews up close and personal. It would have been cold in the church and since there was no central heating, little boxes of embers and firewood would have been placed in the pews to keep the patrons warm during the long services. The church is free to visit although they ask that you make a $3.00 donation.

Old North Church
193 Salem St
Boston, Massachusetts, 02113
+1 617 523-6676


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