Bohemia Bagel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by bledpub on May 10, 2008

I love this place. I have logged in many, many hours at it, and this is coming from someone who when, at home, doesn't even eat bagels or go to coffee shops.

Bohemia Bagel is kind of like a homing center for Expats. It has it all-cheap phone calls to home, Internet access, bagels, soup, and coffee. It also has a message board for travelers and you can pick up the English version of the "All Around Town" paper. If you want to place an ad to teach English, teach music, or even teach the Czechs how to understand rap lyrics (I swear to God I saw this on the board an am not making it up) you can do so. They also don't mind if you sit there for hours talking to your friends or writing in your journal. (A-hem.) Good place to mingle.

Food-wise, I really liked their tomato basil soup. I also enjoyed their apple and peanut bagels. And chocolate chip cookies...And mochacinos...And chocolate chip muffins...It's all reasonably priced, too.

Note: The guy turns on the clock as soon as you tell them you want to get on the Internet. Run to the chair straight away so that you're not getting charged for time you didn't use.
Bohemia Bagel
Ujezd, 16
Prague, Czech Republic, 11000
+420 2 53 10 02

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