Best Place to Gamble: Freemont Street

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Carmen on May 5, 2008

Walk down the Strip, and if you can find a table game with less than a $15 minimum bet, play it immediately, because you’re the luckiest person on the planet at that moment. If you’d like to play longer on less money, take a $20 taxi ride down to Freemont Street, and do a search in each casino for the $5 tables (you’re more likely to find them earlier in the day, the minimums go up after about 6 p.m.).

The pedestrian-mostly street is lined with casinos and slot machine rooms, so you’ve got lots of choices. The slots here are definitely more skewed to you winning more often, and to get you in the door, they’ll adorn you with some Mardi Gras beads. For card games, you’ll be able to find some single and double-deck tables.

The dealers here are a bit more friendly and helpful. We had a dealer in Binions named Terry that taught me more about blackjack in one day than I’d learned in 5 trips to Vegas before. I learned that if the dealer is showing a 2, that’s the best card for the dealer and the worst card for the player. I learned that if the dealer is showing a 3, 4 or 5, “if there’s a 10 coming, you don’t want it.” Always assume that whatever the card is under the face up card the dealer has is a 10 or above. And I learned that you should always double down if you have 11 in your hand. I also learned that it’s called GAMBLING and the rules don’t always guarantee anything.

After dusk, you’ll be treated to a nice freebie every half hour, the Freemont Street Experience. The street is covered with millions of lights, which put on a show to music. The show lasts about 5 minutes, and most everything stops to watch. The neon casino lights go out, the people all stop and look up, and any surrounding music ceases. It really is a fabulous show, and earns itself a runner-up position in the Best Free Thing to See in Vegas category.
Fremont Street Experience
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