Best Breakfast Buffet: Le Buffet

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Carmen on May 5, 2008

I think I’ve written about this buffet for every trip to Vegas I’ve made – and for good reason. It’s GOOD!

The buffet itself is in the Paris Hotel. Expect a wait. Depending on what day of the week (Saturdays are busier) and what time you go (earlier is better) the wait may not be so bad. It’ll cost you $14.95 per person, which I realize isn’t the expected bargain Vegas buffet, but this is the best breakfast you’ll get during your stay. And also think that you’ll need to loosen a button or two on your pants, so you may be too full to eat lunch, so you can save there.

Once you’re seated, a waiter/waitress will come by and take your drink order, and then you’re off! My advice is to take a pass and see what’s on the menu before committing to an item. For example, you may see scrambled eggs with bacon, but there are scrambled eggs with ham further down.

It’s got your traditional breakfast buffet fare – eggs, home fries, bacon, oatmeal, breads, etc. But let’s be honest here. The best things about the breakfast buffet are the CREPES. Go to the back of the buffet first, and look for the person in the chef’s hat. There may be a line – it’s okay! Stand there patiently, because there’s a yummy treat at the end. When the crepe chef pours the batter and flattens it out, pick out your filling, and think ahead for your toppings – you don’t want to dawdle. My favorite way to eat my crepes are to get them filled with raspberry sauce, then topped with powdered sugar, some chocolate sauce and some sliced almonds (the crunch really adds to the experience.)

You also get to eat your crepes in a French village environment, with a painted morning sky above your head.

You do not want to miss this breakfast.
Le Village Buffet
Paris Las Vegas Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 946-7000

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