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Recoleta is one of the largest barrios in the city and quite possibly the most expensive. It is located off of Libertador as you approach downtown. This area is perhaps the most prestigious place to live in the city and many of the apartments have doormen and are clearly luxury units based simply on the lobbies and facades of the buildings.

In the United Nations Park you will find the Florialis sculpture. This sculpture is a giant flower blossom that opens and closes throughout the course of the day. If you happen to drive by it multiple times you will notice that it never appears to be in the same position twice. Although you will likely drive past it at some point or other on your trip it is definately worth a walk over to the park to see it close up.

One of the main attractions of Recoleta is the Recoleta Cemetary. This cemetary is not like those you usually see in the United States where graves are marked by a plaque or a small headstone. The tombs here are all market by large above ground mausoleums, many of which are made of marble and house whole families of deceased individuals. The Recoleta Cemetary is free to enter and really interesting. Although the tombs are very expensive many of them are not well maintained and it is very common to see coffins sticking out of crumbling niches in the walls, holes in the floors leading down to burial chambers etc. There are cats everywhere, presumably keeping the rat and mouse population under control as I'm guessing the open crypts provide great living opportunities for all of these creatures.

The Recoleta Cemetary is also the final resting place of Eva Peron (aka Evita) There are not signs pointing to her tomb but the cemetary is not extremely large and if you wander around for half an hour you are bound to stumble across it at some point or other. You will know it when you see it because it will have considerably more flowers adorning it then any other. People still come to pay their respects.

Recoleta is also known for its shopping and restaurant scene. Avenida Alvear is the Rodeo Drive of Buenos Aires and you will find many international brands here. Recoleta also has one of the best nightlife scenes in the city and there are a couple of blocks with literally one bar after another most of the way down the street. Some of the larger discos are in this area and many of them are three stories tall with multiple bars and dancing. While Recoleta is known for being expensive there are still many dining options at very reasonable prices and bars didn't seem to be more expensive then anywhere else.
La Recoleta Cemetery
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