Puerto Madero

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Puerto Madero is a relatively new neighborhood in Buenoas Aires. It is your classic example of a waterfront redevelopment and in recent years has become one of the social and cultural hubs of the city. When we were there (about three years ago) there were many skyscrapers going up on both sides of the river so I imagine that by now the barrio has really come into its own. Puerto Madero is close to both downtown and the Casa Rosada near the river.

Just have a taxi drop you off anywhere in Puerto (because the neighborhood is so new public transportation to the area did not really keep up with construction) and spend a couple of hours just walking up and down the waterfront and taking in the sights. The neighborhood features dozens of restaurants and shops in addition to offering a good nightlife and cultural scene.

There are two notable landmarks along the waterfront of Puerto Madero. First is the Fragata Sarmiento which is a fairly large historic wooden ship that they have permanently docked alongside the pedestrian walkway. I don't really know what the historical significance of it other that its age is but it was pretty cool to take a look at and as far as I remember you could even board it and walk around. The other notable landmark is the La Puente de la Mujer bridge. It connects the east and west sides of Puerto Madero over the waterway and was designed by Santiago Calatrava. As with much of his work, the bridge looks more like a suspended moving sculpture. Walk out onto the bridge and get some great pictures of you or your family.

We knew some people who lived in Buenos Aires and they took us to a restaurant in Puerto called Aires de Patagonia. The food was phenomenal. This was probably the most expensive meal of our trip and still only cost about $25 each. Dress casual but in nice clothing if you choose to go here. There are many other great looking restaurants in the immediate area including a Cabana Las Lilas which is one of the most famous parillas in BA. Stay away from Hooters and TGI Friday's. Food in BA is too good to waste your time on places like this. They are more of an American novelty for locals.

Puerto is a great place to visit but a couple of hours should be plenty to walk around so you don't need to budget a whole day here. It is a great place to have a meal though so I would recommend trying to coincide a trip to the area with lunch time or come back for dinner on a differnt day. Definately shouldn't be missed though if you have a sufficient amount of time in the city to see everything you want to!
Puerto Madero
Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo 200
Capital Federal, Argentina, 1007
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