Mustang Island Beach Dump

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by citizenseven on April 3, 2008

My family and I have come to MIBC many times but it has been a few years now. At the end of March I took a group of 15 people down for my birthday and together we rented 3 condos. I am sad to say this location has gone in the toilet since the last time I had been there. First of all the condos are not on the beach, nor can you even see it and you have to drive to get to the beach. Second, yes there are bugs and possibly rats/mice because we found a rat hole in our bathroom. The guest bathroom in one of the condos only had scolding hot water for the shower. The AC was broken in one of the condos and after 5:00 the employees of MIBC all disappeared and so we called the emergency maintenance number but no one even called us back. We left several notes at the front desk and by mid day the next day maintenance came to "confirm" the AC was out. The management then proceeded to offer us a replacement condo that would cost twice as much and said they wouldn't discount it. After an hour of negotiations they finally agreed to let us stay in a similar condo after they had to clean it. Reluctantly they agreed to not charge us for the one night in the condo with no AC but they have yet to offer any compensation for the trouble or for the fact that out the four condos we were in at some point not a single hot tub worked. This amenity was the only thing worth staying at this condo for and 4 out of 4 were broken.

I can't say every condo in the place has problems but I will never be willing to take the gamble again. It isn't just the dumpy rooms themselves but the lack of response to the emergency maintenance call and little effort on the part of management to make amends for the horrible experience. The area has grown and there are a lot more options out there but they may be harder to find on the internet.
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