Hans Brinker Budget Hostel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Marie89 on April 1, 2008

Hans Brinker Budget Hostel

I recently went with my college to the Hans Brinker Budget Hostel and before going I read a lot of reviews some bad and some good, but here is exactly what I found during my time there.

First of all if you are in fact on a tight budget I do highly recommend this hostel as it is more than reasonably priced. Some reviews mention that the reception people are moody and rude but in my personal opinion I would put it down to a language barrier. But I found them on the odd exception to be very helpful if you are willing to explain thing carefully as baring in mind it is hard to understand a new language.

Within the hostel there is a small restaurant area, a bar with very polite staff and an underground club which to be honest if you wear ear plugs when you sleep you cant hear it at all.

The hostel is located in a very convenient place which is roughly a 5 minute walk from the centre of the city. The breakfast includes bread, crackers and wafers with a series of spreads and if you want any fruit it costs a mere 50cents or so, the coffee and tea is also very good.

The rooms themselves consist of bunk beds which can range from 2 in each room to four in each room which either accommodates for 4 or 8 people, each room has a tall locker per bed which you are given the key too, it is not the most secure but I found it to be secure enough so I would recommend using them. Within the lockers are the bedding so don’t be alarmed when you arrive and the bedding is no where to be found. Each room also has an en-suit with a shower, toilet and sink and I always found there to be hot water so no worries there. There is no TV or Radio or anything like that so not much to do in the rooms but sleep so there is no excuse not to go out and enjoy the night life.

Also in the lobby there is some convenient and cheap vending machines which include chocolates, beer, fizzy drinks and juice.

So all in all I would strongly recommend staying here especially if your budget is quite tight because it truly is not as bad as what other people have mentioned, however I will mention that the place is not as clean as it could be with stained sheets but that is easily prevented by simply bringing your own but I personally did not find them that bad.

I hope I have helped...Marie xx
Hans Brinker Budget Hotel
Kerkstraat 136
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 (0)20 622 06 87


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