Avoid the Restaurant--Waitstaff Snooty

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by visitingfinland on March 26, 2008

Avoid the restaurant part of Kappeli if you don't want your moods soured: We happened to go there for an early dinner a few days ago, approximately at 5 pm. The huge restaurant dining hall was virtually empty, with about 2-3 couples sitting there. For some reason, the waiter took us to a table that was a partially separated part of a larger table, right next to another couple sitting under the window. As the hall had a lot of separate tables with window seating available, we asked if we could be seated in one of those tables, with a better view, as the dining hall was almost empty. To our amazement, the waiter told us that ALL those seats were reserved! We remained in the seats he had offered us, and after about 1.5 hours NONE of those "reserved" people had shown up, with the restaurant still almost empty! The food was good, but we didn't feel like staying for another round of drinks and desserts, and left soon after our main course. All we could think of was that apparently the waiter did not feel that we "deserved" to be seated in a better table in that virtually empty dining hall. We didn't exactly know why, as we were dressed quite decently and formally (a couple from Massachusetts in our 40s). Avoid going to that place if you don't look like a pimp from Eastern Europe with an assortment of huge gold chains and other conspicuous bling-bling piled on you--you will not receive good service in that place! And yes, to our inquiries about those "reserved tables" at the end of our meal--the waiter responded that none of those people "showed up"! Shame on you, Kappeli, for treating your customers this way.
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