High Expectations, Low Delivery

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by karencoutts on March 24, 2008

On a recommendation from our hotel, we snagged a last minute reservation for Chandler's. We were heartened by the large print sign on the outside wall, advertising Voted Victoria's Best Seafood for varioius recent years.

We were seated and given menus promptly. The chairs were comfortable, and the decor was mostly dark woods--very nice. We arrived shortly before 6 pm on a Friday night. It seemed like we waited a long time before our order was taken, but the waiter looked very busy although it did not appear crowded.

The Oysters Rockefeller were tough, dry and mostly tasted of mayonnaise. The only complex flavour I noticed was a nice grilled taste, but for only one of the three oysters I ate. Inexplicably, the oysters were served with cocktail sauce in the centre. The Caesar salads were excellent.

We then had a very, very long wait for the rest of the dinner. Our waiter explained that because we had appetizers, we would get our entrees later than the diners beside us. By the time we received our entrees, it was 7:40 pm. The Digby scallops were swimming in some buttery sauce in a metal dish, but alas, they were overcooked, chewy dry and bland. I had to drink water with it to help with swallowing at the halfway point, despite swirling it around in the butter sauce. We were told that they were going to be "excellent." The menu noted that the scallops were to be served with tartar sauce, but no tartar sauce came with the dish and the waiter explained that this was due to a new menu coming out, and confusion in the kitchen. After having waited so long for the main course, I did not bother to complain about the overcooked scallops.

The fish and chips were good. They, and the Caesar salad, were the high points of the evening! We had a fantastic and inventive seafood meal the next evening in another restaurant close by, and when we complained about Chandler's, we were told to avoid restaurants directly on Wharf Street next time.
Chandlers Seafood Restaurant
1250 Wharf St.
Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1T8
(250) 385-3474


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