El Squid Roe

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Travelny2 on March 24, 2008

El Squid Roe (Squid Roe) is what Cabo is all about. No other bar epitomizes the Cabo experience like this place. A restaurant by day and evening it turns into a crazy club at night that packs in thousands of people on two levels. The place is relatively narrow but hundreds of feet deep. Squid Roe gets extremely crowded during spring break months but that is part of the fun. Even at its busiest you never have to wait long in line because they place is so big. They keep things moving very efficiently. One of the benefits of Cabo over Cancun is that nothing is all inclusive so you aren't stuck going to one club, paying a huge entrance fee, and then being stuck there for the night. Nowhere has a cover and you can come and go as you please. Also, because nothing is all inclusive the drinks are exponentially better and have much more alcohol in them. It is also very easy to get a drink even when the place is packed. One of the trademarks of Squid Roe is the decor. They have humorous signs and other random objects such as giant sombreros handing everywhere. They have multiple staircases going between upstairs and downstairs throughout the club to keep traffic flowing. The back half of the bar has rows of bleacher style steps going up the side of the wall to dance on and there are plenty of tables to dance on downstairs. They play all American music that is great to dance to. The DJ's do a really good job.

There are at least a dozen satellite bars on both floors at night. Drinks are not incredibly expensive but given that their customers are almost exclusively Americans they know they can get away with charging 7 or 8 bucks for a Margarita. They also have your standard Mexican tourist bar yard stick margaritas which come in a souveneir cup that you get to keep if you can manage to hold on to it for the entire evening. (This place has really good margaritas by the way) There are girls walking around with jello and tequila shots that you can buy for a couple of dollars. If you get a shot they will do the classic whistle and head shake for you. There is a hot dog stand on the upper floor on the left side if you get hungry (sounds sketchy but I know a lot of people that have eaten them and no one ever got sick).

One of the most fun things about Squid Roe is "the cage". The legendary cage sits above the second floor in the back of the club next to the DJ booth. There is a little narrow staircase that you have to ascend to get to it. It looks like a big birdcage that hangs over the club. The walls are vertical bars and you can dance in it with a great view of both levels of the club below. It's worth pushing your way through the crowd to get up there.

This place can not be missed when going to Cabo. Haven't been there in two years and I'm starting to have withdrawals. It's awesome!! Have a margarita and tequila shot for me if you make it!
Squid Roe
Lazaro Cardenas
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410
+52 624 143 0655


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