Pueblo Bonito Rose

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Travelny2 on March 21, 2008

A bottom line great hotel. It is centrally located right in the heart of the action on the main beach and a few minute cab ride from all the main bars and restaurants. Perfect for young travelers on spring break looking for a luxury place to stay. The hotel is located right on Medano Beach and a short walk down the beach from The Office and all water activities available for hire. There were lots of older couples and families staying here as well both years when I was here. I would not particularly want to be in this hotel during March or April with young children or trying to enjoy a romantic getaway but plenty of people were doing it. Any other time of the year this hotel would be a great option for everyone!
Rates during spring break ran about $400-500 a night which is not a bad deal at all when you are splitting it with roommates. Check in is a breeze and each guest gets a towel card to be used at the pool, a charge card, and a room key. The staff is very friendly and accomodating. The safe in our room was broken and they gave us a complimentary safety deposit box in a little private room off the lobby. The SDBoxes require two keys to open and we kept one and the other remained in the box so we felt very safe leaving things there. The staff was always helpful despite us constantly bugging them to get in and out of it. They were always more then happy to help.
Be aware that as is common with hotels in Mexico you cannot sneak extra people into rooms. When you arrive at the hotel after going out at night each person has to show identification at the entry gate in order for you taxi to gain entrance. This can be an issue if you made a "new friend" out at the bars that you were planning on bringing back for the evening.
The pool and poolside service are great. There are two for one drink specials every afternoon. There are two bars at the pool and a bar on the beach. There are servers to bring you drinks and food as well as an ample supply of lounge chairs and complimentary covered cabanas. One interesting thing about the pool here is the "bottomless" jacuzzi. A couple of us spent like 20 minutes trying to measure it on one of the trips and figured that it is about 14 feet deep or so which is ironic because the pool itself has no deep end. There is also no bench so you literally have to hang onto the side with your arm. It's fun to watch people step in assuming there will be a bench to stand on and completely chunce it and sink to the bottom.
The food at the hotel is actually quite good and a full room service menu is available 24 hours. They have everything from Mexican dishes to pizza and ice cream and pastas available on the room service menu in addition to upscale restaurants and a nightly themed buffet.
The rooms are large and spacious with comfortable beds, bathrobes and good showers. Everything is very clean and your room will always be promptly cleaned while you are out at the beach during the day.
There is a gym at the hotel but they charge an additional fee for its use. There is also a store with snacks and souveneirs as well as a complimentary shuttle that goes to Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach (the Rose's sister hotel) on the pacific side of the peninsula if you want to go to a more secluded beach.
Pueblo Bonito Rose
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410


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