Japanese Tea Garden

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by CHIBulldog09 on March 13, 2008

The Japanese Tea Garden is an outdoor garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The Tea Garden costs $4 to get in, although there are a few times during the course of the week when admission is briefly free. It's located right next to the Dee Young Museum and the Botanical Gardens.

The Tea Garden is certainly very visually impressive -- you really feel like you have left San Francisco and have been transported over to Japan. The gardens are incredibly well kept, with detailed descriptions of each area in both English and Japanese. For those like me who are not horticulture experts, you'll learn quite a bit about Japanese history and tradition from these descriptions.

The Tea Garden also has a gift shop and restaurant inside, although, to be honest, this part of it is almost certainly not worth it. If you're looking for Japanese food, you should head to the Japanese section of San Francisco; skip this and grab something cheap in other parts of the park.

I'm torn as to how highly to recommend the Tea Gardens -- they are certainly amazing to walk around in, but I question whether or not it is worth $4. I suppose that is a personal decision, but think carefully. We spent probably about thirty minutes before we began to get bored -- its not that huge.

Take a look inside before buying your ticket -- but if you do, you will enjoy the sites.
Japanese Tea Garden
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California, 94102
(415) 668-0909


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