National Aquarium

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It takes a houseguest for you to go to a landmark where you live. You might have lived in that area for years but promptly ignore the treasure close to you. If my sister did not insist that she wanted to visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore, we most likely continued to ignore it. Well, we got into the car and finally went there.
The Aquarium in Baltimore is a vertical glass wonder where you get greeted by a cheerful man standing in front of a shark jaw about 7ft. in diameter. He offered to take our pictures with the jaw. After we politely refused him, we proceeded to the huge pool in the second floor to watch the sting rays. They are awesome. So are the sharks. I had goose bumps watching these huge fish swimming faster than I drive a car. Then, we went to the third floor where you look at the tropical fish behind glass walls (more to my taste), alligators and other nautical species. The top floor had a very realistic tropical jungle complete with monkeys hiding within the foliage and gorgeous birds with their colorful feathers.
There also hangs the skeleton of a whale hanging from the ceiling of the top floor reaching down two stories. I marveled at that skeleton more than anything else.
You walk to the second building for the “Dolphin Show”. Do not forget to buy your tickets for the show when you buy your entrance tickets. They are separate. We sat on bleachers and watched the wonderful show with the dolphins doing all kinds of tricks with their young trainers. It is highly entertaining and also informative.
All in all the National Aquarium in Baltimore is worth visiting at any time. Since it is an all-glass building, you can see a good view of the Inner Harbor besides enjoying the thousands of fish cleverly displayed. Especially if you have children, I recommend a trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I think it is worth it. Besides, you can talk about how high the dolphins can jump all the way home in the car.
National Aquarium Baltimore
501 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202
(410) 576-3800

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