Busselton Jetty

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You can't possibly talk about the town of Busselton in Western Australia with out mentioning the Busselton Jetty. The two are inextricably linked - and one's fame seems to come from the other.

The jetty itself is perched picturesquely out on the stunning Geographe Bay which hugs the harbour of Busselton before leading out into the great Indian Ocean.

Taking almost twelve years to build, the jetty had to be extended many times over the years due to the shifting sands of Geographe Bay and the shallow waters some times making the loading and unloading onto the jetty a difficulty.
In the end, the jetty stretches 2 kilometers out to it's end from the shoreline which is a magnificent walk and view - a perfect pleasant stroll on a not too hot after noon. This makes it the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere. And at the end of this incredible feat (it is hard to appreciate just how long a 2 km jetty out into the bay is until you see it first hand - my Ozzie friend's who spoke so highly of it did not do the experience justice.) is not the end of the tour or the experience of the Busselton Jetty.

The fishing off the jetty (though in need of a special permit in which to do it) is exceptional - and known around both Western Australia and the rest of the country as somewhere the must be fished.

It also has a spectacular artificial reef which makes for wonderful diving and snorkeling.

Also at the end you find the Busselton Underwater Observatory - a giant fish bowl in which to experience three levels of the underwater view, eventually getting as deep as 8 m deep. The views you can get down here of both fish and coral and other underwater life are one of the highlights of Busselton. Snorkeling - with out even getting wet...

And I can't fail to mention the incredibly photogenic nature of the area. If your trip photos are a thing that is important to you - be certain to visit the Busselton shore at sunrise or set to get some truly amazing shots of the jetty - stretching long and limber out into the bay against the ripple of the purple and red tides. The fluttering, colourful flags along its sides make for astonishing photos.
Busselton Jetty
Beach end of Queen Street
Busselton, Australia
+61 8 9754 0900


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