Rent A Van!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Valerie_C on March 4, 2008

This is a great experience for any animal lover. Driving through the park, you'll be approached by exotic and everyday animals, such as zebras, horses, cows, giraffes, and ostriches. You can purchase food to feed them, and I recommend that you do so, because the animals see a car and come running for food. And watch out, they will try and reach into the car and take the whole bag!

You have the option of renting a van from them or driving your own car. I recommend renting the van. You're driving into a pack of animals, who will slobber all over your car and may jump on or kick your car. One donkey in particular will follow you kicking at your car for more food. The good thing about driving your own car is that you have the ability to set your own pace and take your time.
Pine Mountain Wild Animal Park
1300 Oak Grove Road
Pine Mountain, Georgia, 31822
+1 800 367 2751

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