Eiffel Tower

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When the Eiffel Tower first came into view as we drove down the streets towards it tears formed in my eyes. It seems silly, as many times as i've seen pictures of it, i just couldn't imagine that it would have such an impact on me to actually see it in person; it's quite an incredible site.
We parked down the street at some metered spaces and started walking towards the tower across a park that was in front of it. The park made it so that you could get a great view of the whole thing before you actually walked up to it.
The entire structure is more incredible when you're actually standing under it. To look up and see the ginormous pieces of metal it took to construct this was awe inspiring. although we were there much too early to actually go on a tour of the tower, there was already a long line of tourists formed, just waiting on the ticket counter to open. From what i remember the tickets were about 15 euros per person i believe to take both elevators up to the top and a bit cheaper if you only went up one elevator to the 2nd level. A bit more than i wanted to spend anyway.
To get as close as possible my friend and I touched the base of one of the legs just to be able to say we touched the Eiffel Tower. Sadly, there was a little fence around each leg, so we had to improvise a bit...
After walking around under the tower, we then went to the Musee De L'Homme which is located on the opposite side of the tower and up on a hill. That's where we got the most amazing pictures. It was just as the sun was rising right over the tower and it made for the most beautiful scene, not to mention that there were about 10 gorgeous statues lining the museum area we were standing in.
Eiffel Tower
Champ De Mars
Paris, 75007


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