Art Institute of Chicago (The)

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by VA_traveler on February 25, 2008

When my husband and I are planning a city visit, we almost always make sure to include a trip to an art museum. Normally these visits involve me dragging my husband from gallery to gallery as I try to enjoy pre-Rennaissance religious works (I still hate them). Truth be told, it's normally quite painful.

The Chicago Art Institute was a completely different experience. It ranks as my favorite art museum EVER.

I'm a fan of the impressionists, so I'm sure that's part of what I enjoyed - they have a wonderful collection. So many works that I've only seen in art books, right there in front of me! I only had a general idea of what was in their collection before we went, and it was so thrilling to walk into each gallery and get excited to see the "real, live" paintings I've seen reproductions of so many times. Mary Cassat, Monet, John Singer many beautiful pictures to look at.

If you're taking along a less-than-excited someone on your visit, be sure to have them watch Ferris Bueller before you leave home. My husband is a big fan of the movie, and we both got a kick out of trying to recognize where the art museum scenes had been filmed.

We saved George Seurat's Sunday Afternoon for last and spent a moment enjoying the pointillism. Lovely and relaxing. Now if only I could learn to feel that way about pictures of saints...
Art Institute of Chicago
111 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois, 60603
(312) 443-3600

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