Kremlin & Moscow cops

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When I traveled to Indonesia I had 36-hour stopover in Moscow.
I decided to visit Red Square & Kremlin.
I stayed in a room ordered from
Flat owner gave me usefull advice on how to connect with Moscow cops which are staying near entrance to Red Square.
They often check foreigners and ask for money if something is wrong (sometimes if everything is ok).
Problem can be: Your visa is not registered in a police.
You have 3 days to register your visa, but cops pretends that they don't know about it.
If you are not going to pay they say that you'll be taken to police department.
1st advice: Don't believe it & don't pay anyway! They just need your money.
They don't need you. If they understand that your are not going to pay they'll leave you.
2nd advice. If cop wants money anyway, give him 50 rubels (about 2$) and say that you don't have more.
All money left in a hotel! This is last price you can pay!
But don't pay anything if you know that everyhting is ok with you.
These advices helped me.
When cops realised that I'm not scared to follow them to police department they left me.
The Kremlin
Entrance From Red Square
Moscow, Russia, 103073
+7 095 202 4256

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