Valentines Day/5 Year Anniversary

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by jonwhitmemphis on February 18, 2008

Febuary 14, 2008 the worst Valentines Day ever. It was my 5 year anniversary and I thought the riverboat would be a romantic idea, well i thought wrong.One, we get to the boat to find a horrible sitting arrangement, but guess what our name is marked off on it, so we have no seat. It was great standing there for 10 minutes while they tried to find use a table when the reservations had been made for a month.Anyways as the night goes by we wait for our turn to go to the BUFFET, they said they would come get us to go get food, we were on the opposite side of the boat so we got to go last, while others apparently got to eat several times. We did not get any food, well we did but idon't think you consider cold chicken and green beans food. Finally at the end of the ride they tried to compensate us for the food we did not get with a bottle of Andre Extra Dry champagene, a $6 bottle that they say cost $25. In all we were compensated $49 out of $100 for the most horrible night of my life. Trust me I have been to many places but this was by far the worst do not go!!!!!!!
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