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LOCATION : Excellent

Downtown, walking distance to Wharf, and endowed with the right “vacation stamina”, even to Cannery Row. (About 15-20 minute walk.)

Monterey’s main street with all the shops and restaurants (even Walgreen’s) as well as the Wharf are a mere block away.


Our main consideration for choosing Marriott over Portola Plaza was the airconditioned rooms.

We opted for a Bayview Room, with an additional premium, of course, however, after spending a night and a day in a Regular room due to a “bungled” booking, I would have to say, the “bayview” was not worth the additional cost.

Comfortable bed and pillows, toiletries (Bath and Body Works brand) were great. In-room coffee provided were 2 brands, Starbucks and another brand, which I have to admit so much better or as good as the Starbucks. Tea, of course was also provided.

Tip: Request a room from the 4th floor up to lessen noise from street, although, it was not a problem for us on our first night when we were given the wrong room on the 3rd floor.


Buffet and a la carte for breakfast is available in the Three Flags Café.

On the day we dined at the Café, it was full capacity and in consideration for other guests waiting to be seated for breakfast, we had to forego with a having “leisurely” breakfast. However, our breakfast ordered in-room was just as great and even less hurried.

There is another restaurant/bar within the hotel but we did not get a chance to visit.

Ice and vending machines was easy access in the floor we were in but am not sure if this was true for each floor so I would suggest one request for a room in a floor with said amenity.

Housekeeping was impeccable, not to mention very considerate and stellar in the service we got. We had to stay in for 2 days due to illness and the Housekeeping staff made an outstanding effort to ensure we had a little bit more of tea, coffee and extra trip for our trash bins to be emptied. THAT (!) speaks of service that no décor or view could make up for.


Unfortunately, after a mishandled room assignment and more importantly how our request for the right room we PAID FOR was handled, I would have to rate service as lacking.

As guests as in life, first impressions are lasting and with the kind we got, it made a truly lasting one which I’d have to say will have us trying Portola Plaza next time, now knowing the fact that indeed, with the cool temperature in Monterey, airconditioning, which was primarily, the reason we opted for Marriott, is not necessary.

Secondly, Portola Plaza which is just across the Marriott offers the same great location.
Marriott Monterey
350 Calle Principal
Monterey, 93940
(831) 649-4234

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