The Chocolate Line, Burge Belgium

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by soowai on February 9, 2008

I completely agree with Kathryn's review. I just visited Burge and for whatever reason I picked to stop by The Chocolate Line. I am so glad I did, their chocolate is so... good.
I go to Belgium quite often, had tried many different chocolates, The Chocolate Line is the best!!!
I just checked out their website to see if I can buy any online, unfortunately not. Whenever I am back in Belgium, I will definitely try to go to Burge to get more chocolate from this store. It is awesome.
I have heard Macrolini has very good chocolate too, but I not tried that.
Although I wish I could buy The Chocolate Line's chocolate on-line, but I support their principle to not do so and also preserve the quality of their product...

Definitely a must if you visit Burge.
The Chocolate Line
Simon Stevinplein 19
Bruges, Belgium

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