Not Exactly a Hole in the Wall But...

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by ragazzadolce on February 3, 2008

Last night myself and two friends decided to try Zambri's after reading a good review. As an Italian, I was looking forward to some Italian food with a modern twist. The food was over-priced, but we were willing to pay the prices for the good food. The ambiance was nice too.

The night was going all right, even though we were feeling rushed by the waitress who was talking much too fast for us to understand, and even though the pasta was undercooked. Then it happened. My friend gasped as he slowly pulled out one big, long, thick, dark, pasta-coated hair from his mouth.

We were all extremely put off the food and told our waitress we would not be finishing. She offered us a coffee on the house and asked if we wanted a desert "that didn't have any hair". We declined and asked for just the bill. Needless to say, we all thought that my friend's dish would at least be taken off the bill. We were all dissatisfied and the hair was the last straw. We all knew we would never be returning. Our waitress brought our bill, explained that she couldn't take the dish off of the bill, and gave us a "one free pasta" coupon. She said, "I know you might not even use it if you don't come back but you could give it to your friend or something." Not only are we never coming back, but none of us would ever recommend the restaurant to a friend.

The bill was $60 for three undercooked pasta dishes and an appetizer that was engulfed with breading.

We paid the bill in full, and left the useless coupon on the table. I have never been at such an unprofessional restaurant. Zambri's has a nice atmosphere and seems to be perfect if you're up for a little higher-class Italian dining, but honestly, McDonald's would have more class.
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