Rude service!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by dinerinvictoriabc on January 26, 2008

A month ago, two of my friends and our babies went to Siam for lunch. We arrived after the lunch rush on a weekday. At that time there were only two occupied tables. Anyway, we proceeded to wait 10 minutes at the door as the host (owner, I believe) kept saying," you have 3 babies in total" as if he had never seen children in strollers before. After waiting for 10 minutes by the door, he asked if we could fold up our strollers by the door and when we said we probably needed more room to do so, he said he couldn't accomodate us! He wouldn't even allow us to bring our strollers past the front doors! Can you believe that? There was ample room in the restaurant and they rejected us because we had babies in strollers. Disgusting service. I will NEVER EVER go to Siam's again and I hope this gets back to the owners so they know how not to treat customers! They have lost business from us and my friends.
Siam Thai Restaurant
512 Fort Street
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 383-9911

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