Brown's Boutique

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by TLM2008 on January 24, 2008

Since I had the pleasure of visiting Queenstown in winter, the fact that Brown's Boutique has central heating was enough to make me a very happy traveller! But I digress - it certainly has far more than warm rooms to offer. The hotel combines the best of both a hotel stay and a bed and breakfast. Our host, Alex made it quite clear that he was available to help as much as we would like and yet we were also able to maintain the level of separateness and anonymity that we tend to favour when travelling. The common areas are well-appointed and comfortable...big comfy sofas, fireplace, nice cozy dining room. The rooms are equally as nice. Our room had a big bathroom and a beautiful view.

But really, the highlight is the breakfast. We became VERY big fans of the continental breakfast that Alex laid out every morning. My husband loved the crumpets (which he deemed pancakes!) plus there was always a delicious array of cheeses, cold meats, cereal and yogurt. Croissants, breads and fresh fruit rounded out the breakie. We spent probably 45 minutes each morning just lounging with breakfast: sitting and sampling over coffee. It felt very decadent considering there were so many other things in Queenstown worth seeing. And since I'm talking about food - we can't forget the little refridge in our room which they kindly stocked each day. Nothing like coming home and finding nice cold beers and wine available for the taking - it was included in the price and replaced each day. A very nice surprise!

I don't have much to compare Brown's to, since this is the only place in Queenstown we stayed, but I really enjoyed my time at this lovely little boutique hotel and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone...
Browns Boutique Hotel
26 Isle Street
Queenstown, New Zealand
+64 (3) 441-2050

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