Dunn's River Falls

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by HDRyders on January 23, 2008

Everyone must make the climb.

Things to bring from home:
Water Shoes, water proof camera & zip lock baggie.
Things to bring:
Towels, singles, & money for the market afterwards.

Lockers and water shoes are available for rent. Pair up with one of your fellow bus mates and share a locker. A DVD and photos of your climb are available as well. We purchased the DVD, I thought it was worth it.

We start our adventure just past the gates, our tour guide gives us a breifing of our journey. Here we can purchase water shoes and cameras too. Off to the locker rental area. Next to the bottom of the falls. We form our human chain adn start our climb. I personally found it easier not to hold hands. As we climbed our tour guide would stop for some photo ops. They would use your camera to take your pictures too. The tour guide, the locker rental guy, and the camera guy all expect tips, so bring ones. We chose to visit the falls when there were no cruise ships in port. There was only our human chain on the falls as far up or down that you could see. The one tour guide said on cruise days there can be as many as 500 people on the falls at one time.
Dunns River Falls
Ocho Rios
Ocho Rios, Jamaica


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