Won't Stay Here Again...

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by frequentmark on January 21, 2008

As mentioned by others, don't bring a car as everything is an easy walk and parking is limited anyway; that said, the location is good as long as you are aware it's a 'mature' street that's really not suitable for kids, and is situated right next to 3 bars, 3 strip/topless joints, a sex shop, and a couple of liquor stores. If you're OK with this, it is well located, otherwise stay somewhere else. If you're a guy walking down the street alone, expect to be offered a good time...

Anyway, the resort itself is tired and after several decades, they still have a sales office open - they even wanted us to move out one afternoon so they could show our unit (we declined). At first glance it looks OK and the cleanliness of service is good - however, the cleaning staff will not return if you miss their schedule. What becomes apparent is that nothing gets repaired (eg rusting vents in the bathroom, outlets falling out of walls, broken light fixtures, bare wires, etc.) implying little gets spent on maintenance. The biggest issue we faced, for most of the week, which made the stay miserable, was a roof air conditioner above the room being bad and literally shaking the main bedroom to the point of not being able to sleep. Calls to management to get it fixed or us relocated fell on indifferent and deaf ears and we got a variety of 'stories' to placate us. The manager was always 'on a break' when we asked to talk to her as apparently she's the only person in the lobby who has the power to do anything, and she never called back as promised. Eventually they offered to move us the day before we were due to check out so we declined as we wanted to spend the day in NO, not moving. All in all, it seems that staff found our complaints annoying rather than something they needed to act on.

On the surface it looks OK; three rooms in a reasonable state of decor but look closely and you see the dirty carpets and peeling decor. The kitchen lacks an oven and a few basics but is adequate in context given there's no room to support entertaining. There is no proper wardrobe space (our master had a small closet in the bathroom shared with the vacuum, ironing board etc..), no nightstands, no lights accessible from the bed, missing TV remotes, doors hanging off etc. Overall, it's scruffy and needs a lot of fixing up and is obvious to anyone so there's no excuse really. As to the vermin noted in other reviews, you'll see rat poison blocks lying in the corners of the kitchen and you'll see mice scurrying around in the evenings. Don't let kids pick these up and eat them - there is a health real hazard to having these blocks exposed and someone runs the real risk of being poisoned.

There are many steps everywhere so most rooms are not disabled accessible so check if this is a concern. All reception events were cancelled without notice. No real concierge help was available. All in all, this is a dreadful place we will never return to and urge you to do the same unless you have low standards.
The Quarter House Resort
129 Chartres Street
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
(504) 523-5906


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