Seemingly Empty Enclosures?

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Anna1984 on January 20, 2008

I was really looking forward to seeing a number of animal species at the zoo, but from the very start I realised that the animals were few and far between, making me question whether you have the 100 species you claim to have in the first place - maybe your animals escaped during the night and booked tickets to Madasgascar?

I understand that the most important thing is to maintain a natural environment for the animals and not force them to do anything they dont want to. However, for example, when realising there were four human beings in the lion enclosure instead of what I wanted to see, I went round to their indoor enclosure and they were in there, but at the back. The lions are quite an important feature of the zoo I would imagine and its a shame they wernt on show - i'm sure there would have been no harm having the door through to the back closed so us paying customers would get our monies worth. The monkey house was another example of not being able to see what I went for. Maybe you could advise people that certain animals are not on show, and some of your main attractions are not running i.e. the penguin parade, BEFORE we pay your full prices under false pretences of seeing everything offered. An idea could be dropping the prices of your tickets if you know only half of your attractions are available for viewing. I realise the reasons for your prices probably have something to do with the upkeep and maintenance of the zoo. However you would probably get more money through word of mouth customers if they had actually had a nice day - I certainly wont be telling family and friends to go to the zoo.

Half way through the day and after a long travel down to come to the zoo,I was in need of some refreshment and hot food. Upon entering Oasis cafe I realised this was the place to witness the best animal behaviour. As I sat down eating my overly priced inadequate cheeseburger with hard chips on the side, I witnessed what I would expect to see in the monkey house! One red haired, purple rimmed glasses wearing employee, picked her nose in full view and then proceeded to rummage through the kids food bags touching every single food product whilst replacing the apples.

On a positive note - and I really struggled to come up with something - Rainbow Landings was fantastic, you should really do more stuff like this, i could actually see the animals, and also be in close contact with them.

I also enjoyed the friendly nature and positive attitude of the guy who drove the hill top bus, he put a smile on my face from the very beginning - its a shame not all your employees share his efforts.

I hope this feedback is used in a way that could hopefully improve the quality of a day out at the zoo.

By Anna

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