New York New York Hotel and Miracle Mile Mall

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissabowman on January 11, 2008

New York New York Hotel-
One of the other hotels we visited and spent some time in was the New York New York. From the outside you might actually think you are in New York until you see the roller coaster zoom by. Only in Vegas does a roller coaster zoom through the heights that are New York.

The architecture of the New York New York may have been my favorite. The detail and the variety of the hotel were amazing and exciting. We deiced with our little one that there had to be something for him in there. SO we took a look inside. The inside was just as great as the outside. We headed down a staircase and found our selves on Bleeker Street the street famous for the coffee Shop, Central Perk, from the show friends. The whole downstairs was set up with street names and restaurants and shops that might me commonly found in New York City. It was neat. Once again I felt like I was in New York. We ate at a little pizza place for lunch and then headed over to the Coney Island play park where my son and husband had a blast playing games and collecting tickets. This was a great way to spend the afternoon and accommodated everyone in the family.

Once again another Hotel I would like to check out more at a later date. I think this is a great hotel for families with kids of all ages and you can visit 2 major cities at one time (Vegas and New York)

Miracle Mile Mall-
One of the biggest malls I have seen in a long time. This 170 store mall sits right in front of Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino and right on the edge of the strip where you can access it easily.
Once inside the mall you will find everything from Gap, Victoria Secret to things like Swarovski, BeBe, and Aldo. There are plenty of stores for the whole family and for every budget. There are also plenty of restaurnts and a food court. If that is not enough you do have the rest of the strip to fufil your tastes.
The Miracle Mile Mall is not hard to find, You can walk up to it right off the street and find somehting to entertain you. For a moment you forget that you are even in Vegas. However once you walk out you are reminded of where you are.

New York New York Hotel and Casino
3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada

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