Night Cruise - the Four Hour Tour

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by informant on January 8, 2008

We went on the Riverboat Cruise in Savannah as a New Years Celebration this year and we were doing everything but celebrating on this four hour, never-ending, cruise. This was the absolute worst dinner cruise and event in Savannah during our entire stay.

During our cruise on the Riverboat we had terrible service (which is stating it nicely!) to the point where we were never served any water or were our plates cleared away. Our waitress was a rude woman who we saw only twice during the four hours we were on the boat and snapped at us when we asked for some drinks and for her to clear our table. I know that the South things move a bit slower but this was so ridiculous it was a source of jokes between us and our neighboring tables.

The conditions on the boat were just as bad as bad as the service, with flooding in the bathrooms and dirt and grime covering the walls on the bathrooms and hallways.

The three floors of entertainment might have been the secod best part of this cruise. But don't get me wrong each floor was beyond lousy - on one floor a DJ (if you could call him that because one man on a laptop is not a DJ) was playing . However the DJ seemed to play all night long. Another floor was a band - band meaning of course a keyboardist and a bass guitarist who decided to take a break for an hour or so than return to playing the chrous to any song they knew. The third floor of entertainment... the view.

I think the BEST thing about this cruise was when we finally returned to River Street and could leave the horrible thing.

By the way the cost for this four hour tour - $130 per person (dinner included - but nothing else).

Best advice - stay at home and off the cruise.

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